Fabulous Flavours of Frisp Fruit Snacks

Fabulous Flavors at Frisp

For some of us, fruits don’t make for very appetizing foods. They appear a little boring to our taste buds and aren’t dipped in cream, chocolate sauce or the most exotic of spices. However, Frisp fruit snacks will break all your previously formed notions and make you want to indulge in the goodness and deliciousness of pure, unadulterated, fresh fruits.

And what’s better, there’s not just one fruit that you will enjoy and reap the benefits of. There’s a wide variety of frisp flavors you can try.

We bring to you some of the top and most delicious picks of Frisp fruit snacks

1. Apple Crisps

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. With Frisp Apple Crisps, you could even keep the unhealthy snacks at bay. The crunchy apple frisps are full of health and nutrition. The taste reminds you of those big, red, juicy apples you couldn’t say a no to during your childhood.

2. Strawberry Crisps

One of the most widely loved fruits, Frisp takes your liking for the fruit to another level. Strawberry crisps are prepared from absolutely fresh, succulent strawberries and are 100% natural and healthy.

3. Mango Crisps

Mango is a fruit that is not available all through the year, but with Frisp, you can enjoy their taste and associated health benefits all through the year. With zero added preservatives and zero fat, these mango frisps are light to eat and prevent you from the guilt that indulging in them usually results into.

4. Coconut Dark Chocolate Crisps

With the ultimate combination of coconut and dark chocolate, there’s no chance you can ever get enough of this delicious snack. Healthy and nutritious, they are divine in taste and easily satiate hunger.

5. Carrot Crisps

Carrots are greatly loved; with the Carrot Crisps, you can now indulge in their crunchy, crusty avatar. High in dietary fiber, they have no sugar or color added.

Grab a bag of the Frisp Crisps and treat yourself to a variety of flavors like apricot, banana, grapes, peach, broccoli pineapple, etc. Food fun awaits you at Frisp, what are you waiting for?