freeze dried fruit crisps

Healthy Dried Fruit Crisps Idea

If your day starts with breakfast, followed by lunch and dinner with no in-between munching, then you certainly need to make some amends.

The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is consuming nutritious food all through the day, in intervals. Snacking in between meals has various health benefits, helps maintain weight, balances your blood pressure, satisfies your appetite, and adds to the nutrient quotient for the day. Aside from the choice of snack, your frequency of consumption will also impact your overall well-being. Let’s dig deep into snacking (read healthy snacking).

The most celebrated snack options are Fruits and nuts. But not everyone has the time to fix a fruit bowl every evening. So, is there no healthy and fruity snack option, you may ask? Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps, to the rescue! The goodness of fruits with the crunch of crispy chips.

These delectable Fruit-Crisp treats are prepared using fresh fruit, peeling, slicing, and then drying the slices. Dehydrating them to extract the continuing water, usually until they are almost crunchy. This practically preserves all the nutrients and minerals too. Freeze-dried fruits offer a more intense, fresher taste with the characteristic texture of being crisp yet soft, lacking the sharpness as it melts almost in your mouth like cotton candy.

Why restrict snacks when you can do more with Crispy Dried Fruits!

While it is admissible to eat them out of the bag, who would mind some other quirked-up ways to eat ‘em! Here are some other ways you can enjoy your crispy dried fruits.

Refashion the Yogurt – Your breakfast bowl of cereal or yogurt just got an upgrade. A handful of FRISP banana crisps and there you have it! No more washing, peeling, and slicing fruits in the morning. 

Crispy Dried Fruits

Crispy Oatmeal – Crumble slices of your preferred FRISP mango crisps, stir them up with milk and oats, add a dash of cinnamon, and nutmeg. Voila! You have your fruit-infused oatmeal ready.

Tail Mix Crisps – Ardent lover of trail mix? How about adding some FRISP Strawberry crisps to your trail mix recipe. Pop some of it in a zip-lock bag and you are good-to-go long-drives, camping, trekking, you name it. Happy munching!

Pancakes with crisps – Move over strawberries and substitute them with freeze-dried FRISP Strawberry. These crisps can also come in handy when baking muffins, cupcakes, or fruit bread substitute fruits with freeze-dried crisps.

Sounds like something you would want to add to your pantry? We at FRISP, feel the same! They work well in all seasons, and every occasion.

FRISP is perfect for any occasion

The great outdoors!

Freeze-dried crisps are an ideal pick for those on-the-go outings.

Wind across the countryside!

Food served from a gas station can be expensive, unsafe, and monotonous. Fruit Crisps, on the other hand, are incredibly crunchy and delectable.

A break at the pool!

Pop some freeze-dried crisps in the Picnic cooler. 

Trusted School Buddy!

You could also add them to the lunch box for your kids to have something to munch on!

Anywhere and everywhere around the world, these fruit crisps can save your day. If you don’t know where to start your fruit crisps journey from, we are here for you! Try FRISP banana crisps, along with other delectable flavors, like banana and mango crisps, all prepared from 100% natural fruits.