Healthy Snacking

Healthy Homemade Snacks

It has always been the norm of eating meals two to three times in a day rather than eating one large meal at a time. Smaller meals are easy to digest and munching at regular intervals is good for your metabolism.

But if you’re looking for a healthy yet tasty way of beating those hunger blues then mentioned below are the snacks that you can put together in almost no time.

  • Frozen Yoghurt

A cup of frozen yoghurt is great for help. It keeps away the anti-oxidants and provides essential elements to keep you healthy. What’s more? It tastes amazing. Frozen yoghurt can be combined with a teaspoon of honey. Or, you can pick up your favorite packet of FRISP and sprinkle them on the yoghurt for a satisfying experience.

  • Banana Smoothie

It’s a refreshing combination made with bananas and skimmed milk. Milk, is the best natural source of calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals. Bananas contain carbs. Fast acting carbohydrates are a good source of energy. And of course, you could always garnish this with the banana flavored FRISP to create a great mid-day meal.

  • Minty Pea Dip With FRISP

Use ½ a cup of frozen peas, with one tablespoon of chopped fresh mint. Then use two teaspoons of fresh lime juice. Serve with your favorite packet of FRISP.

  • Bagel With Strawberries

Use a ½ toasted bagel for this. Next, spread non-fat butter. Top up with 1/3rd cup of fresh sliced strawberries. You can garnish with some artificial non-fat sweetener.

  • Egg Whites

This is for the health conscious. An egg white contains six grams of protein.  So, serve it with a light chicken/tuna sandwich and you can make a meal fitness enthusiasts proud of you.

  • Cheese Sandwich

Contrary to what many people believe, cheese actually is good for your health if consumed in measured quantity. A brown-bread sandwich, which contains a slice of cheese, and some lettuce is definitely a healthy and tasty way to snack up.

  • Granola Bars

Rich in protein and low in fat, Granola bars taste great. And you don’t need to feel guilty in case you want to eat more than one. Their carbohydrate content is negligible.

  • A pack of FRISP

If you don’t want to fix yourself with a meal then just open up a packet of FRISP. This is rich in essential ingredients, FRISP are made from 100% real fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, Completely devoid of fat, oil, it is manufactured without any artificial add-on. A pack of FRISP ensures you with a good amount of energy.

Hence, with the aforementioned snacks, we always strive to promote healthy and guilt-free snacking. Eat Healthily! Stay Healthy!