freeze dried bananas

Here’s How You Can Use Freeze Dried Bananas in Meal

Dried fruits are considered beneficial as their water content is removed via the dehydration process. Including freeze dried fruit in the diet is a healthy yet delicious snack- seeing it happen nowadays is no surprise but something that we can choose to do with an updated version. For those who use cereals, adding dried fruits to the morning meal will offer you an ample amount of energy. Instead of messing with the cereal, grab FRISP banana crisps and make your breakfast or brunch with all nutrients.

Now, let’s discuss all the ways you can add freeze dried bananas to your meal…

  • Fix a Quick Breakfast: Adding freeze dried banana slides on pancakes will give you a delicious flavor and texture. You can choose from a wide selection from dried strawberries to blueberries. They all are enriched with antioxidants and nutrients, adding them to your cereal or breakfast meal will help you start your day with a beneficial treat. You can try eating oatmeal mixed with dried bananas to enjoy a fruity and sweet taste.   
  • Elevate your Desserts: consumption of freeze dried fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and even banana crisps makes a healthy yet delicious snack choice. Despite what kind of dessert you are looking for, they sure add flavor to your treat. You can enjoy many delicious desserts by mixing freeze dried fruits.

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  • Try Smoothies: Another way to consume freeze dried bananas is to use them to make smoothies. Not only they are packed with amazing nutrients but also add flavor to your beverage. You can even make smoothies using dried apples or just banana crisps. Keep in mind, if you are making a meal for breakfast; keep it simple and light by adding nutrients of fruits to your smoothie.
  • Baking: Yes! Besides breakfast or smoothie, you can bake almost anything from cookies to adding them to your muffins. Having freeze dried bananas will help you bring nutrients and a delicious flavor to your snack. Not only it will keep the little ones happy as they wish to munch on treats but also they make a healthy snack choice. You can chop dried fruits with banana crisps in cake or muffin and have a delightful treat handy at home.  
  • Frostings: May seem surprising but you can crush your favorite freeze dried fruit to garnish over your baked meals. They make a perfect frosting alternative that is healthy and delicious. You can bake any treat, and sprinkle the crushed FRISP banana crisps to give your cookie or cupcake a gorgeous decoration. You can even flavor the frosting by adding freeze dried bananas.

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