Snacking on potato chips? Think again

Snacking on potato chips? Think again

The Humble Potato Chips

The humble potato chips have been the nucleus of many healthy food related discussions for a considerable period of time. Ever since they invented chips or crisps have undergone many “makeovers” involving what goes into their manufacturing process.

Potato Chips are a fortunate stroke of serendipity. In 1853, George Crum was frustrated with trying to appease a customer who kept sending back his fried potatoes complaining that they are too thick. In response to the complaint, George sliced them razor thin, deep fried them, added salts and other flavoring. The customer came back with a smile on his lips and the humble potato chip was came into existence.

Over the years, a large number of companies have taken up manufacturing. They spend a lot of money on product development to ensure that the negative effects of eating too many chips are mitigated.

But sadly no matter how devoid of harmful ingredients potato chips might be, they will never be completely healthy.

The Baked Chips

Next came into existence Baked Chips. Once again, this proved to be a plan with a flaw. Potatoes contain a very high carbohydrate/starch content which does not diminish by baking.  Regular potato chips are bad for health since they contain a large amount of Trans Fat. It increases cholesterol levels in the body and significantly increases the risk of heart disease. Even if the chips do not contain hydrogenated oils they still contain a lot of unhealthy saturated fat which when consumed increase the risk of diabetes.

A healthy snacking option, Frisp

The world loves eating crisps and if they turn out to be healthy then it would be really an icing on the cake. For the same reason we researched so as to make our favorite snacks healthy. And hence, came up with a healthy snacking option, Frisp. The first and foremost step was to get rid of the potatoes all together and replacing them with fruits (and vegetable) for they are a great source of energy, vitamins and minerals.

Frisp are made healthy by using no artificial ingredients in terms of flavors or additives. Also, Frisp are manufactured without any oil whatsoever. These gluten free light crisps are an ideal snacking option which can be consumed directly. Or you can crumble and sprinkle them over a cup of frozen yoghurt or some ice-cream. They come in various flavors of fruit and vegetables to choose from.