Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Junk Food

Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Junk Food

Nothing is new in the fact that Junk Food is unhealthy. Everyone knows it but still they love to gulp down junk every now and then without pondering on the consequences of eating junk. Below are the repercussion for being regular with the Junk Food.

The specific woes of eating junk food

  1. Soda can available in the market has in it around ten teaspoon full of sugar. Not only the daily habit of it leads to Diabetes but also develops diseases like Cancer, Obesity etc.
  2. The fast food chains use a petroleum based ingredient called TBHQ (E319) to preserve their French fries. The same ingredient could lead you to Asthma, Skin Problems and even Cancer.
  3. These Junks are high in Fat too. High amount of fat in your body could lead to improper functioning of brain, lack of concentration and memory issues.
  4. High Cholesterol which a body gets after taking in junk food increases the risk of heart disease.
  5. Young Women who consumes more of Junk are likely to develop Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
  6. People who are badly hooked to junk food are very much on the edge of developing digestive problems. For examle, gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  7. Though you feel full and very much satisfied taste wise but because of the absence of vitamins and minerals in junk food, it causes laziness and paleness.
  8. With excessive presence of Salt in junk food, it causes the blood pressure of the body to rise and hence tags along with Hypertension.
  9. Since Kidney is responsible to filter all the toxins from the blood, eating junk imbalances this filtering process by disturbing the sodium potassium balance of the body and therefore leads to  kidney problems.
  10. As regular consumption of alcohol damages the liver. Surprisingly, the same intensity of damage is caused to the liver when there is regular intake of junk food.

What you can do is

So above are the specific woes of eating junk food. But all the above mentioned are not at all attached with FRISP. You can snack on FRISP without a bit of worry about the above mentioned bugs. They are made from 100% real fruit and vegetables and are prepared by a special drying process which not only preserves the crunchiness of crisps but also its mouthwatering and finger licking taste.