Ways to Eat Dried Mango Crisps

Cheers to our nutty family that enjoys snacking on fruit fresh out of the packet, but did you realize that there can be other ways to eat dried mango crisps? We compiled a collection of recipes that uses freeze-dried fruit crisps to baked products, smoothies and much more!

  • Pancakes – A breakfast staple, enjoyed with fresh fruits and berries. This is one breakfast option that never goes out of style. To amp it up a little more, you can add FRISP mango crisps to it. These freeze-dried mango crisps add a unique texture and fruity flavour to the pancake, without the hassle of cutting and slicing a mango. 
  • Muffins – Who doesn’t love some yummy muffins! Fresh fruits and berries are not always in season, stocking on them would also not work for long. Freeze-dried mango and strawberry crisp can be a great addition to the pantry. 

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To make muffins with freeze-dried fruit, start with FRISP mango crisps and Strawberry crisps, add ¼ cup of extra water to the recipe since the fruit will absorb some moisture. Also, when placing the batter in the muffin mould, add a spoon full of batter place the freeze-dried crisps in the middle and apply more batter.

  • Frosting – Have you ever considered grinding your favourite mango crisps and sprinkling them on top of your baked treats? It is easy to prepare powder crisps, fill a Ziploc bag halfway with freeze-dried fruit and softly grind it into a fine powder. This powdered mango crisp can be sprinkled on cookies and cupcake frosting to add a beautiful cosmetic charm as well as a fruity sweetness. It’s a safe, natural option to sprinkles. For a unique tropical twist, spice up the regular vanilla frosting with crushed freeze-dried mango.
  • Smoothies– Smoothie bowls are incomplete without fresh fruits. But what would you do if your favourite fruit is not in season? Do you wait for the next season to enjoy your favourite fruit smoothie bowl?? Of course not, replace your favourite fruit with dried fruit crisps. Add FRISP mango crisps either crushed or as a whole to your smoothie bowl. 

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  • Cereal – If you love fruits, you can never have enough of them. The quantity of freeze-dried fruit in grocery store cereals would never seem enough to you. In this case, you can always go for freeze-dried strawberries and bananas like FRIPS banana crisps, mango crisps, and strawberry crisps. We love how they soften in the milk and go very well with the crunch of the cereal. You may also use freeze-dried fruit to give a naturally sweet and fruity flavour to oatmeal.
  • Yoghurt– The idea of a yoghurt parfait layered with granola and berries makes us lick our lips. However, it is not often possible to use fresh berries. In this case, add FRISP strawberry crisps along with crunchy granola to your beloved Greek yoghurt. You are in for a real treat!

We hope you like the fun and fresh take on incorporating mango crisps. Feel free to try your recipe with FRISP mango crisps.