The Fruity Identity of Chips

No need to wash the fruits anymore nor they are need to be cut before you give them a dip in your saliva for now they have a new crispy identity. Only effort you have to put from your end to taste this new identity of fruits is to open a packet of Frisp. Yes! The chips have now attained the flavors of fruits. Be it apple, mango, grapes, peach, pineapple or their fusion in form of a salad. The crisps are available in variety of flavors.

If you are an anti-chips person because of their fried, oily and added preservative nature then hold on! The fruits crisps are made out of 100% real fruit and are cent percent gluten as well as fat free. Pick up any flavor you like and you would be joyful about the fact the flavor you have picked is also preservatives free.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a packet of Fruits Crisps and get delighted by the gluten free snacking.

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    10 X Banana Crisps 15g