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Free of Dairy, GMO, Gluten, Peanuts, preservatives and nuts

These crunchy crisps made from 100% real fruit. 100% natural fruit crisps preserves all nutritional nourishment of fresh fruit. Manufactured with special drying process which ensures optimal preservation of flavor and nutrients, leads to crispy natural taste.

Experts say it tastes even better if you

Sprinkle over Ice cream
Crunchy fruit toppings for your ice cream, go ahead top it up and create magic
Sprinkle over Froyo
Enjoy your favourite frozen yoghurt with a perfect crispy frisp topping
Add to cake mix muffins
Add fruit crisps into your muffins to make it incredibly delicious

Hear what our customers have to say

Unique, healthy flavours in small convient size package! Perfect for the cinema

Irene Budihardjo

Light and airy - can’t believe there’s no sugar and it’s 100% fruit! Makes an addictive and healthy snack!

Sujah Abhilash

No added sugar, simple and organic ingredients, delicious on top of that!

Nat Gral

Amazing taste. Product has great health benefits. Would recommend.

Nathan Tanabe

Tried these snacks at the Cake, Bake & Sweets show at Sydney ICC, and they are nice 🙂 - no artificial stuff and 100% dried fruit, neat!!

Keng Onn Wang

Lovely light crisp taste and the satisfaction of the chip without the guilt!

Mandy Wu

Grab a Frisp now

Frequently Asked Question?

Frisp is a 100% natural fruit crisps made from a dried fruit perfect for quick and healthy snacking.

Fun Fact:  Dried fruits are used by Astronauts in space. Fresh fruits and vegetables (apples, bananas and carrot and celery sticks) were first flown on STS-6 in April 1983. 

There is a reason we call our fruit crisp " a guilt-free snack". Our crisp is free of gluten, fat, nuts, dairy, soy, and GMO. Unlike other fruit crisps, it is 100% natural and It is manufactured with the special drying process which makes it really crispy and ensures optimal preservation of flavour and nutrients. It's rich with minerals fibre, & vitamins, It is easy to digest & good for quick snacks.

Yes, Frisp is available at Woolworths in Dried Fruits category

Yes, Please feel free to use our Wholesale page for a wholesale order

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